MBBS In Kazakhstan

MBBS In Kazakhstan

Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan presents an attractive opportunity for Indian students, with approximately 10,000 students pursuing MBBS admissions abroad each year. Kazakhstan offers a six-year MBBS program, recognized globally for its high standard of education. Here’s why Indian students opt for Kazakhstan for their medical studies:

Why Study MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students?
1. Duration: The MBBS course in Kazakhstan is a 6-year specialized bachelor’s degree program.
2. Alternative Option: It serves as an alternative for students who couldn’t secure admission to reputed Indian medical colleges.
3. Part-time Work: Students can work part-time, gaining practical experience alongside their studies.
4. Approval and Practice: Over 53 universities in Kazakhstan offer NMC-approved MBBS degrees, enabling students to practice in India after graduation.
5. Eligibility: Students need a minimum of 50% aggregate in CBSE/ISC 12th results and must qualify the NEET exams.
6. Affordable Tuition Fees: MBBS tuition fees range from $2,000 to $6,000 per year, making it cost-effective compared to other countries.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan:
1. Affordable Education: Kazakhstan offers MBBS at a lower cost compared to other countries, making it accessible for students from high-cost regions like India.
2. Top-notch Education: Accredited by WHO and India’s NMC, Kazakhstan ensures globally recognized, high-quality medical education.
3. English Instruction: All medical universities in Kazakhstan offer MBBS programs in English, facilitating ease of learning for international students.
4. Hands-on Training: State-of-the-art hospitals and clinics provide extensive practical training, essential for future doctors.
5. Diverse Environment: Kazakhstan’s multicultural richness offers an engaging backdrop for global students.
6. Strong Career Prospects: Graduates are sought-after nationally and internationally, offering promising job opportunities post-education.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan:
1. Language Barrier: While English is widely spoken, knowledge of Kazakh may be beneficial for living and studying in Kazakhstan.
2. Cold Climate: Adjusting to the continental climate, with cold winters, may be challenging for students unaccustomed to such weather.
3. Low FMGE Passing Percentage: The FMGE passing percentage for graduates from Kazakhstan may be lower compared to other countries.

Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan offers numerous benefits, including affordability, top-notch education, and strong career prospects, making it a popular choice among Indian students.


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